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Data set links are now displayed below bibliographic citations in the private GCE bibliography (full article) Website Addition Jan 05, 2018
New 'Data' field added to bibliography update page to indicate links between publications and GCE data sets (full article) Website Addition Dec 30, 2017
The UGAMI Creek Cam is back online (full article) Sapelo News Nov 27, 2017
Introducing Youzheng Zhang (full article) Personnel News Nov 21, 2017
A recent paper that offers policy recommendations for enhancing protection of vulnerable waters, including wetlands, that are not explicitly protected under the Clean Water Act (full article) Publication News Nov 11, 2017
A paper questioning the "rosy" assumptions of a group of coastal scientists regarding the ability of tidal marshes to compensate for climate change-driven sea-level rise was recently published (full article) Publication News Nov 11, 2017
GCE3 2017 Annual Report available (full article) Document Release Nov 08, 2017
A recent paper by James Nifong and Brian Silliman is currently featured on NSF's Discovery site (full article) Publication News Nov 03, 2017
Coastal Scientist Wanted (full article) Announcement Oct 31, 2017
New Sapelo Resident (full article) Announcement Oct 27, 2017
Fudan University faculty visit UGAMI (full article) Sapelo News Oct 23, 2017
Hurricane Irma stresses out salt-sensitive plants (full article) Research News Oct 20, 2017
Hurricane Irma creates new bargains for you (full article) Sapelo News Oct 20, 2017
Fall monitoring continues apace (full article) Monitoring Program Oct 20, 2017
Introducing Wenwen Liu (full article) Personnel News Oct 20, 2017

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